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Hot cheetos.
String cheese.
Kirin sour apple hi-chew beer.
Schofferhofer hefeweizen.
Reminiscing with the brother.
In Japan.

Too good.

Random thought: I hate it when people take my glasses away from me out of nowhere and be like “lemmie see your glasses!” BITCH, it’s equivalent to someone taking your eyeballs away. Can’t see shit.

I hope we climb the dragon statue tomorrow.

5 days ‘til reality.

Took a nap and had a dream that my body had developed a natural antihistamine that thwarted my allergies.  It composed of little T-Rexes that attacked the pollen particles and little townspeople that collected the pollen using airfilter trap thingies. Weird.

Anyways, random song on YouTube I found that I thought reflected this dream well. The Neighbourhood - Say My Name / Cry Me A River.

Time to broil some steak.

Shall we say Grace…

Your mind is a powerful tool. POWERFUL. What smart people at Harvard figured out is that you experience at least 50% of the time LOST IN THOUGHT. So that means 50% of the time you are not using your most powerful tool because you’re distracted by what’s in the future and are held back by what’s in the past. DISTRACTED. “Oh, I ain’t gonna make it” That’s 5 minutes from now. “Oh, I don’t like the way he’s talking to me” That’s 5 minutes ago. What you need to do to be able to use that tool is that you need to be in the “right now”. Because if you want to get better it starts RIGHT NOW. Because if you want to make it, it starts RIGHT NOW. Because if you want to be motivated, it starts RIGHT NOW.
Fort Sam Houston Company Commander
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